Sears Card Bill Pay

Everyone in their life will have to pay bills at some point. Usually how the process goes is like this: people get the piece of paper informing them how much they have to pay, where and until when; then they go to that particular place and pay it.

However lately there is a far better way to pay your bills – pay them online.

Why would you want to pay your bills online?

First of all it is very easy. If you have a Sears Card, then it will only take a couple of minutes maximum. The Sears Card Bill Pay is instant so you don’t have to worry about the money not reaching their destination on time and ending up with penalties.

Also, think of the time you actually save. On one hand you have the 2-3 min Sears Card Bill Pay online which is instant, and on the other you have the walk up to the bank, the most likely waiting in line until it is your turn, the process which may or may not be instant and the walk back.

With these in mind, why would you ever want to pay your bills the old way?

Sears Card Bill Pay – how do you do it?

The following step by step guide is only for Sears Card holders:

1. Go to their main website at and either register for an account if you do not already have one, or simply log in.
2. If you need to register for an account then make sure you input all the requested information in order to verify you and allow you to use the Sears Card Bill Pay system.
3. Make sure the account is secure by choosing a secure password and setting up a security question. At this stage you should have all information completed.
4. In order to use the Sears Card Bill Pay, all you need to do is log in and select “Make a Payment”.
5. Now complete all the details of the payment – where to transfer the money, the name of the holder and the amount. Then simply click Continue.

The Sears Card Bill Pay is very simple and only takes a couple of minutes at most. All Sears Card holders should consider paying their bills online and saving precious time and resources.


  1. Amanda moody says:

    I would like to request a physical address to send payments to . Thank

  2. Please note;

    I forgot my password, and would like to reset it, thank you

  3. Hal Meriwether says:

    How do I review my past statements on line?

  4. Kevin Wilson says:

    How do I close my account?



  5. Marcia Reese says:

    I wish to close out both of my accounts with Sears due to bad business and respect for customers that pay their bills on time… I will pay off my acoounts until they are paid in full!!!!

    Thank you.

  6. frederick t. worrell says:

    pay bills on line nice.

  7. Edna Morris says:

    Thanks for allowing me to join the mordant technology paying bill

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